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toolbox_dirty's Journal

27 August
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About me
My name is chanel, I'm a 29 years old women living in Canada with my 9 years old daughter. I enjoy making websites and working on photoshop amongs other things. Huge fan of Gillian Anderson, Lauren Graham and Courteney Cox. I don't have that much to say about myself so lets say I'm Chanel 29 years old looking for friends lol.

My Fandoms
My favorites actresses of all times are Gillian Anderson, Lauren Graham & Courteney Cox. They are 3 totally amazing ladies, beautiful inside and out. I also love actresses such as Lisa Kudrow & Jennifer Love Hewitt. I'm a really huge fan of Gilmore girls ,The X files and Friends. My favorite tv couples are Luke/Lorelai from Gilmore girls. Mulder/Scully (I also love Scully/Doggett) from the x files and of Course Monica & Chandler from Friends.

Stylesheet by </a></b></a>refuted
Current Layout by ButterflyBox

Credits for the icons I currently have in my profile and might use one time or another goes to
mata for some X Files Icons.
lucky_cloudy For 2 Luke and Lorelai Icons and the Lauren graham flirty animation.
Paper Chaser For the Jen Aniston bad hair day and Jen animation icons.
Ele For the Matthew Perry & Lauren Graham Birds of America icons.
i_candream For the Lisa Kudrow Animation.
Lauren Graham mood theme Credit space_geek

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